Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hairs on My Head

It's been a long while since I posted on here! This post is just a fun one. A while back I decided to grow my hair out. I've been a short hair girl for a while but I have often had this intense desire to grow my hair "hippy long". Of course, when I imagined my hair long, I often pictured it like this:

Wavy, just barely enough frizz to give it oomph and a little of that beautiful hippy free-spirit wildness. And then I spend two years growing my hair and I suddenly remember, I don't have any frizz or curl in my hair at all. Why did I think my hair would ever look like that? Shoot. And even though it feels that long, what it actually looks like is this:

But that's only when I bother to leave my hair down. But most days I get so tired of hair tickling my neck and face or getting pulled by a baby or by sitting back on it, that it usually just ends up looking like this:

Anyway, after a couple weeks of being tired of the bun I decided to just go for it.